18 May 2009

Another Couple Nights

The weekend started with making grilled cheese sandwiches right after work followed with s’mores and wine – took me back to re-enact the Sandlot scene – I truly can’t help myself, saw my roomie in her first stage performance and she did great – a play of Sex, Love and Sometimes…. Relationships and we got to drink free PBR during the show, stopped by Tonic for drinks to meet up with some friends visiting in town but first went shopping for a new dress at AA that I got to wear on Saturday night and LOVED it, went out with friends for more drinks and some dancing. Got up too early on Saturday to meet friends for brunch and discovered that I really do get my best sleep between the hours of 12pm and 5pm, walked by Samantha Mathis on 49th St, had many glasses of champagne and surprisingly a yummy German breakfast followed by walking around the East Village to take a few photographs and now trying to decide if I’m considered a street photographer or an editorial photographer… not entirely sure of the difference yet. Met new friends for more drinks and later went out for more drinks and dancing, got caught in the rain and had curly, messy hair for the rest of the night, witnessed friends having a ‘dance-off’ and it was seriously the highlight of my year so far. Slept in and was awoken by Mickey Mouse asking me to get chipotle with my neighbors but I declined and stayed in bed for a little longer, went to a friends housewarming party and realized how great it would be to have a patio apt in the city - maybe one day - went out for dinner in Hell’s Kitchen after walking by Edward Norton on 2nd Ave and buying a new puma bag – can’t wait to use it - the dinner was good with good company but the background bachata music was a little loud for my Sunday dinner liking, discovered that the gorgeous tiny chicken machine show is hysterical, crawled in my warm and comfy bed and drifted to sleep by 12:30am.

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