27 April 2009

In a Passing Moment

Do you ever think of people in your past that you had been close to? But things in each of your lives just don’t allow you to have your paths cross anymore. But still you have that peace of mind knowing that one day you might bump into each other and just for a split second you are back to where you were so many years ago and can catch up in an instant and be so happy that you remember each other so fondly. What happens though when that chance is taken away and you never got that moment to catch up?
This year for me has been a year of moments passed by, moments of not catching up with that old friend and moments that I realize that day by day life is changing. Changing for the better and for the worse; change is something we cannot stop regardless of the good or bad outcome. You would think at the moment with Face Book, MySpace and so many blogs that we would all stay in one another’s lives but this is not the case for everyone. I found out about two friends just in the past two weeks that have passed away (well before their time) and they were friends that during that time of my life, I cherished dearly and would hear from time to time through other friends that they were doing OK but still never got to catch up with them personally. Now it’s sad to think that I will never get that chance. So in these moments – it’s good to stay in touch with people and keep those close to you day by day that you appreciate and would never want to lose a moment of what’s going on in their life. Be happy in what you do and when you think maybe you should pick up the phone to see how that person is – pick up the phone. When you think maybe you should drop a note in the mail to let them know you are thinking about them – take 10 minutes out of your busy day to write that letter. And remember to appreciate all the moments in your life.

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