31 March 2009

Old School is Something New Again

I've been so obsessed with the creating of digital pages with images and words that my blog has been lacking a few words... Lately I've had the feeling of wanderlust and I never thought that would happen in NYC of all places. Anything you want to do, anytime you want to do it is here. But the thing I never really considered is that you have to be willing to do any of those things in the cold. It has just been too darn cold this year for too darn long and the motivation is lacking to discover new places. I haven't been going out or doing much of anything. I am so eagerly anticipating the sunny, long days and the sweltering heat on the city streets.
I think of the inspiring thoughts that warm weather brings - the walks through the park, days on the beach and discovering something new in the city everyday. I miss walking around new neighborhoods and people watching. I miss taking pictures and not only taking pictures with my digital camera but talking real, physical pictures that I can get developed on film and then actually hold them in my hand and flip through them. It always gives me so much more of an inspired feeling or emotion when looking at a picture in the moment and not just on a screen. How did some of these things get so lost in this digital world? I know art evolves and our lives change but some things should never be lost. I will start taking more photos with my Nikon and when I get them developed on that Kodak paper and get to flip through all the images in my hand I will try to post them here to share in hopes that the same reaction can be portrayed through a computer screen. Until then...

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