18 February 2009

covered in glitter

When life is anything but nice all I want to do is remember the days when I could put on something sparkly and that simply made the world better. It doesn't seem much anymore that it helps really; however, to block the things that make life complicated, I do get inspired from one of my favorite designers. And this year he is back with his own fashion line debuting tonight at the Waldorf Astoria during NYC Fashion Week. He describes his solo line to Blackbook Mag as, "Marie Antoinette meets Marilyn Monroe - but modern." I couldn't think of anything more inspiring right now. One day I hope to experience one of these shows up close and in person but until then here are a few inspiring pics from the one and only Richie Rich.
photo credits: 1{my fav nightlife photographer} 2{album cover} 3{Richie-stan}

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