23 January 2009

Dinner in the City

What better excuse alone is there to try out a new restaurant than, Restaurant Week? Miami has Miami Spice and NY has Restaurant Week. You get a 3 course prix fixe menu for $35 where at most of the participating restaurants that is the price for one plate. I know you're thinking, I'll get bad service or treated as though I'm cheap... not the case. You are dining in a nice restaurant for less and to make up the cost go ahead and order that bottle of wine that you usually wouldn't - trust me, it's worth it.
So last night I went to Beacon on 56th St between 5th and 6th and it was the perfect cozy atmosphere that I was in the mood for. We were seated in a caddie-corner booth. The restaurant did have more of a business lunch feel but there was a table of people there celebrating a simple Birthday and others seemed to be just catching up. The lighting was amber and the staff was pleasant. My only complaint would be that the servers weren't very attentive as to when we were done with each course. The app plates were still in front of us (yet we had been done for awhile) when they brought the entree plate out and the same to say when desserts came. However, they were prompt on never letting our wine or water run out which is always nice to never have to ask or lean over and pour the wine yourself. I had the Pumpkin Apple Soup which I enjoyed but I'm not a big soup eater so not sure if maybe it should've had a little more flavor. I also had the Winter Vegetable Risotto which was a great mix of diced veggies without one flavor overpowering another. For dessert I had the Devil's Food Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream. My friend ordered the Chocolate Chip Souffle with Dark Chocolate sauce and that was a little more satisfying. Desserts are my favorite course yet I was a little let down. Not sure if they made the ice cream in house or not but that was the highlight of the plate to me. All in all it was a good meal and it was a nice surprise to have every member of the staff be warm and friendly. I would definitely return and recommend to almost all.

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