21 January 2009

Changing it up for the New Year

So I was trying to stick with the blog on food around the city but I've decided to change it up and just be creative in whatever I find inspiring and actually start posting every week. I can never usually stick to one thing for that long and I recently found this blog that reminded me of all the fun pages I would make in college and my many and ever changing wall collages in high school. If you need any inspiration, I'm sharing... look here. I love how she finally put the obsession of Mary-Kate and Ashley into words - they are just great and seem to always get it right and now I know I'm not alone in wanting to know what they are going to do next! She is great and I now heart KC's creativity (the blogger if you clicked above) and all her real thoughts along with all her other followers, it seems. Here's to more inspiration in the start of a new year and sharing all my cheesiness and laughter.

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