04 December 2008

Soundtrack to My Life

I am 29 years old and I am now an official ipod shuffle owner. My life is great again; how have I lived without music in my life for so long? I moved to NYC almost 2 years ago and never thought to get an ipod, although I did see many people on the subways and walking on the streets with them. Moving from a non-pedestrian city, I just never thought about it because I had a stereo at home with many, many CD's and in my car I had a CD player and the radio that kept me entertained on many rides to and from work. Going out to clubs or bars, we always had our theme music on hand playing loud. It was great.
I moved here and my soul lost the music - I just never realized it. Of course I would dance along to all my favorite music in the clubs and I did buy an alram clock with CD player to listen to the occassional song or two at home but it just is not the same. So now I feel that I am seeing the city in a whole new light. With music in my ears and thoughts in my mind - the people and the colors of the city kind of changed somehow. That little bounce in my step gets a little bigger and I feel I always have that smile again. Seeing someone smiling makes you happy. And another thing I discovered is that if I have music in ears I don't hear the stupid guys cat-calling out to me which all around makes me a happier person. For those who know me - you know.

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